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We offer quality medicines of the highest standards at the most competitive prices. We are the leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company.

pcd pharma franchise

Advantages Of PCD Business

pcd pharma franchise

Why zenkinspharma

pcd pharma franchise

Business Promotion Support

pcd pharma franchise

We welcome qualified and experienced individuals as well as corporates from all over India to become our associates.

We at Zenkins Pharma offer career opportunity in Pharma Franchise Marketing. People who are well experienced in Pharma Marketing wants to do their own business in pharma.
We welcome them to enjoy the complete monopoly rights and establish themselves.

01. Franchise Associates Across India

we are an certified company and our all products are CGMP/WHO certified promoting through ethical pcd franchise.

02.Marketing Divisions For PCD Pharma

Different companies have different policies and term & condition for appointing franchise, so here it is difficult for providing accurate procedure.

03. Certified Pharma Company

Zenkins Pharma  is a leading player in Pharma PCD Franchise Business in India, earned many Certification & Recognition.

PCD pharma franchise company

PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Zenkins Pharma is a top-notch PCD pharma franchise company that specializes in neurology, psychiatric and Herbal medicines in India. You can approach us for an affordable PCD pharma franchise in India as we are involved in CGMP/WHO manufacturing, supplying, trading, and marketing.

We invite Pharma Marketing Professionals (Pharmacy Dealers, Pharma Distributors, and Medical Representatives) and new entrepreneurs from all across India to become our PCD Pharma Franchise Partner for our products in their region along with 100% monopoly rights. Capital is usually an issue when starting a new business, but this is not an issue when choosing a PCD Pharma Franchise on a monopoly basis. Everyone may begin their journey to success with a small investment. If you want to launch a pharma franchise, we will assist you in any way we can.

Ethical Pharma Franchise in India

As an Ethical Pharma Franchise in India, we put a priority on customer and client satisfaction. As a result, we have made rapid growth in the pharmaceutical business and have established a name for ourselves. Our product line comprises Tablets, Capsules, Injections Formulations, Antibiotics, Antifungal, Vitamin, And Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Range, and much more. Our organization is constantly experimenting with new methods to serve our customers and clients with the highest quality and enhanced pharmaceutical products at reasonable prices.

  • Our vast manufacturing facilities have been authorized by key regulatory agencies in the pharmaceutical industry and government.
  • Our products are quite effective as they are created using consistent and exact formulations. Also, they are packaged with the utmost care.
  • For pharmaceutical formulations, we use top-of-the-line sophisticated equipment. Before they hit the market, our products go through several rounds of testing.

We offer the best 'Monopoly' Right Facility

Zenkins Pharma is the most trusted Monopoly Pharma Franchise in India, as we have made a name for ourselves by offering high-quality medicines to our consumers. Monopoly rights are the most crucial feature of a franchise business because they are essential to benefit from any franchise firm. These rights will allow you to market the best and most distinctive quality products in a certain location. The enjoyment of monopoly rights is increased for our company to have efficient pharmaceutical items of the best quality. This will also minimize market competition for you. 

Advantages of collaborating with Zenkins Pharma

We believe in teamwork, and we want to work with new, passionate, and trustworthy professionals for the PCD Pharma Franchise. We take the responsibility of providing a high-quality product line with on-time delivery at reasonable prices.

  • In Pharma marketing, you will get more benefits as you are your boss in a certain field. Also, we can help you expand your business to new heights.
  • You are not bound to meet any sales targets. You have full control over how you run and grow your firm, that all  making it is more profitable.
  • Our Pharma monopoly rights are available to assist all of our associates in making a profit from the market. 
  • Furthermore, you will be provided with a hassle-free business opportunity as well as outstanding support from our end in the Indian pharmaceutical sector.
  • You are not required to leave your current work or business if you are active in another business. You can continue to work or practice your profession while running your business.
  • With the help of Stable Business Strategies and several promotional tools that we have, you can reach a large group of target audiences and have a better chance of growing their business. 


How does PCD Pharma differentiate from Pharma Franchise?

PCD Pharma is the abbreviation of ‘Propaganda cum distribution’, which works on a small scale. The company generally opts for PCD Pharma for marketing purpose only. On the other hand, Pharma Franchise works on a large scale. Such franchises are usually hired by the company or government domain for promotion purposes.

What Type of License Need to Start Own a Pharma Company?

For starting a pharma manufacturing company you will need a drug manufacturing license from state drug control authorities. You’ll need a Wholesale medication license number if you’re in the pharmaceutical marketing, trading, or distribution sector.

What is at least qualification to take PCD or Pharma Franchise?

 The qualification requirement for the PCD Pharma Franchise business varies from company to company. The minimum qualification is 12th, and graduates with experience in the pharmaceutical industry you can also apply.

Which is more profitable: launching a pharmaceutical franchise or opening a medical store?

Establishing a Pharma Franchise business is more lucrative than opening a medical store since profitability in the Pharma Franchise business is considerably higher.



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