PCD pharma franchise

Zenkins Pharmaceutical – India’s renowned PCD pharma franchise

PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution and is used to describe the ability of companies to market and distribute pharmaceutical products in the market. It provides all the required products to its branch members. Zenkins is a PCD pharma franchise that has been established for over three decades. Through its range of ISO-certified products, it has been able to garner a lot of trust from the medical community. It aims to provide excellence to its customers through the use of specialists and adherence to all Indian quality standards. They aim to serve society.

What makes Zenkins stand out?


Firstly, The critical pillar of any successful company is its employees. Providing its customers with the ultimate service and delivering the products as soon as possible are the two critical principles followed by the team. Ultimately, they know that every customer wants their product delivered to them as soon as possible. Through collaborative teamwork, they can make it happen. Employees are technical experts in their field and are given proper training to ensure that customer needs are taken care of. The culture of the company is to participate in transparent communications with clients.


The company understands that its customers deserve quality. That is why even when they try to be more cost-efficient so that they can sell products at a cheaper rate to customers, they have never compromised on the quality. By constantly reviewing their production process and systems, they ensure that there are zero problems with the products.


The company also follows all national and international standards for all of its facilities. They realize that during an emergency, it becomes crucial to possess the capability to increase production. That is why they have designed their production unit to meet all future production goals. They also possess state-of-the-art testing facilities with them. Before the products are shipped to government-approved labs, they are tested to ensure that every single batch of products that leave the facility has no issues. They are certified by Approved Laboratory, ALU, Clinical laboratory, OLAB, and ABC accredited.

Monopoly Right

As a PCD pharma franchise, they understand clients are afraid that the same product will be marketed near their locations. This will steal a lot of valuable customers from them. It is for that reason, Zenkins offers monopoly rights to all of its clients. This reduces the competition that clients will face and ensures that they acquire the maximum profit by being the sole provider of the product in a specific location.


Their mission is to become one of the world’s most valued pharmaceutical companies. It also aims to add value to the pharmaceutical industry through its research and focus on high-quality and affordable products.


Their vision is to be the leading player in the PCD industry, known far and wide as the company responsible for delivering technologically superior products at a feasible rate.

However, There are just benefits to working with Zenkins Pharmaceuticals. Call them immediately and join the train to become a successful franchisee with access to a wide range of products.

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