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In this fast-paced globalized world, the Indian PCD Pharma Companies dream to gain a competitive edge over other companies by expanding its reach to every part of the nation. This is only achievable with the help of the PCD pharma franchise. The PCD is an abbreviation used for propaganda cum distribution. It involves an agreement between a pharma company and another individual or a company that gives permission to the individual to sell the products of the pharma company in the market. This form of business works on several principles, work ethics, and legal formalities.

This model of business is growing rapidly and is highly profitable. The PCD pharma business allows the pharma company to expand and the franchise associate to earn profits with mere investment. Moreover, the pharma franchise companies are providing a platform to the business owners to showcase their hard work in the pharmaceutical sector. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Documents that are required to work with Indian PCD Pharma Companies

When taking up the franchise with any of the Indian PCD Pharma Companies, you need several documents. These documents are mentioned below;

1. Drug license number

Getting a Drug license number is very crucial to begin working with a PCD pharma company. You can not even think of selling the pharma products without the Drug license number to anybody as per the laws of India.

To obtain a drug license number you have to follow a very simple and easy process. This is given below

  • Visit the Drug Inspector of your area and consult with him
  • He will then let you know the prerequisites of obtaining a Drug license number,some of these requirements are
  • You must possess a past experience of minimum 1.5 years as a head in any pharmaceutical company
  • You must qualify for the minimum space requirements for the warehouse, and office
  • You must obtain one witness from the pharma company and so on.

2. GST number

A GST number is indeed an integral requirement for a PCD franchise business but it is not compulsory. But still, it is advised that in order to start a PCD Pharma franchise, you should have a GST number. This will help you to take input credit for your business.

To obtain a GST number, you can either apply online or you can contact your nearby sales tax commissioner’s office.

Get a franchise for your area

Zenkins Pharmaceuticals, one of the best Indian PCD Pharma Companies will be happy to help you. Zenkins Pharmaceutical follows a customer-centric approach. The company has won the trust of its clients and has become the fastest-growing pharma company in India. The company is providing opportunities to dedicated and smart beginners as well as pharma experts to associate with us. We are providing highly effective pharma products and the opportunity to earn handsome profits by investing a small amount of capital. If you are interested in growing  with us, you can book an appointment with us at our website or directly connect with us by calling +91 989689094.

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